Matthew Gudernatch

Not really sure what you're expecting here. It's a web series about a guy who falls in love with a [SPOILER ALERT] and they can't get on the same page, so they eat breakfast together for months . The brainchild of Matthew Gudernatch, "Breakfast: The Series" was a chance to show the world that you can literally make whatever you want.


(As long as you have talented friends)

Cast and Crew

About "Breakfast: The Series"



Matthew has written and produced short films, commercials, and pilots for TV. You can see him as an actor in commercials, television, and on instagram in his bathtub.


His dad thinks he should send in an audition tape to Survivor.



Karli Kaiser is a comedian, actress, and overall very interesting person according to her dream journal. She plays a lot of neurotic characters, which is weird because she promises she's never been described that way. Her comedy partner is her brooding rescue dog.

Karli Kaiser



John has been producing and directing professionally for over a decade in Los Angeles by way of Arizona. Working for his own startup, clients all over the world, and now Goodnight Orchard Films; John has dedicated his life to making art with budgets ranging from "let's buy brand name groceries" to "please don't waste any paper clips."

He has so many dogs.

John Orchard

About Goodnight Orchard

Goodnight Orchard is the production boutique of John Orchard and Matthew Gudernatch. A small production house that focuses on short films, web series, pilots, and corporate clients; Goodnight Orchard is constantly looking for ways to create on a shoestring budget.

John and Matthew have created films together that have screened at festivals all over the country, and worked with clients all over the globe. They have an incredibly high combined number of dogs and cats.

Ian Gary


Ian Gary is a comedy actor type person! An Alum of the Groundlings Sunday Company, he is a senior teacher of their improv program and regular performer. He does lots of commercials and can tell you the full historical relevance of every Wrestlemania Championship bout.

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