Episode 1: Bacon, Eggs, and Sex

Episode 2: Hashbrowns (All My Friends Died)

Episode 3: Bagels & Lox & Linkin Park

Episode 4: Birthday Breks (Short for Breakfast)

Episode 5: Table for Three

A guy and a girl sit down to eat breakfast, get to know each other, and figure out why they can't quite get on the same page about their sex life.

A guy bares his soul about what happened to his friends, and the roommate he's living with has a big decision to make about bacon.

A guy tries to convince the "girl" he's living with that she will love Linkin Park, but she'll get there in her own time. For now, she's focused on her new name, and what might get her back to her original wiring.

It's a guy's birthday, and Ripa wants to do something special, since all of his friends died. And they revisit the bacon, because it's important.

In the final episode of the first season, Ripa and a guy finally get honest about what they want... with uncomfortable results.

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